Lincolnshire Based 50 Acres of stunning grounds start today Clay shooting is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK start today EESG is run by our dedicated team of friendly staff and professional instructors start today

About Us

At EESG we pride ourselves in providing a safe, friendly and professional environment for you to learn, practice and compete in one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, which is enjoyed by shooters of all levels, over a large range of shooting disciplines. Whether you prefer sporting clays, trap disciplines or simulated game targets, we can cater for your every need.

EESG is run by our dedicated team of friendly staff and professional instructors, under the direction of our ground manager and dedicated clubhouse staff and aided by our regular ground and maintenance staff. Our friendly, cosy clubhouse is stocked full of refreshments and home-cooked food for you and your comrades, forming an ideal base for your day.

East of England Shooting Ground (EESG) is located in the heart of the Lincolnshire Fens, set in 54 acres of land with a number of ponds and a lake providing stunning backdrops to your shooting experience. The ground is surrounded by banking, with additional banks situated across the site, to not only aid with noise control and safety but to also give a large variety of targets. In addition to the banking, we have a 90 foot tower and a number of mobile lifts, giving us the capability to provide targets for both clay shooting as well as simulated game targets.

The mobile lifts are regularly moved around the ground, allowing us to provide targets anywhere up to approx. 100 foot high to provide you with a varied target rich visit.

We have a large sporting area, which is used to set between 10 and 15 stands, with dedicated hard paths linking the entire ground. During the winter our stands are set on hard standing, but during the summer we use the ground to its full extent shooting from dedicated stand locations through to shooting from stands set in the larger grassed areas we have. This ensures that we can always provide a good varied experience no matter what time of the year or weather conditions. For those that prefer Sporttrap/Compaq we have a large covered enclosure, providing you with an undercover area to practice your chosen discipline. Our two dedicated skeet layouts are both set to CPSA regulations, with one of the layouts being able to be voice controlled. So whether you decide to shot by yourself or with friends, we can cater for you. Both our Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) and Down The Line (DTL) dedicated layouts are set to CPSA regulations and can be run on both Voice control for the single shooter and groups as well as on button release for teaching purposes. During Game season we have a dedicated Game arena, with between 5 and 8 simulated targets all shot from a grouse butt. For your safety, the game arena is accessible through a metal gate which is closed when the game arena is in use to ensure a high level of safety is maintained at all times.

In addition to providing competition practice rounds across all disciplines, we also host and run CPSA registered Competitions. At present we are running English Sporting competitions, but looking into the near future we will be running a larger variety of registered competitions, including Sporttrap, FITASC and Trap disciplines. With a lot of hard work and your continued support, we aim to make EESG one of the premier shooting grounds in the East Midlands and beyond.