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Activities and Shooting

Please note that the consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to or during the shoot is strictly prohibited

Here at East of England Shooting Ground we offer a wide range of shooting disciplines. Whether you are a competition shooter looking to practice or new to the sport, we have targets and disciplines to suit all levels. All our trap disciplines are set to CPSA regulations. At EESG we believe that if you are going to practice a given discipline, then that discipline must be set to the current regulations. This gives you a better quality of practice, knowing that the targets you are practicing on will be the same as the targets you will encounter in your next competition.

All of our disciplines run off the same card system, so if you wish to shoot more than one discipline you can switch with ease without having to return to the clubhouse.

Sporting (ESP). 

Set in and around the grounds at EESG you can be sure that there are targets to suit all levels of shooter. From driven targets off our high tower through to targets woven through the trees and all the different types of target that you would expect to see on the competition scene, we aim to cater for all shooters. Our competition practice rounds are designed with all abilities in mind, with the added benefit of being able to shoot as much as you want on any given stand or skipping stands to concentrate on a particular type of target if you wish. There are between 10 and 15 stands set on the sporting layout at any one time, with the stand locations regularly moving to create a truly varied experience.

30 pence per clay (£30 per 100 clays).

During the summer you will be shooting from both grassed areas as well as set stand locations allowing for a full range of targets and locations from which to shoot from. This enables us to use areas of the ground to give you targets that you would not normally see. During the winter we use hard standing set locations for stand placement. The entire sporting area is linked via hard standing paths leading to each stand location. This ensures that you get the most out of your experience at EESG without having to worry about footwear. We employ all the different trap types, from standard traps through to battues, looper/teal and rabbit traps, with a large variety of clay colours, to ensure that the variety of targets is equal to none.

Sportrap (STR). £7.50 per round (25 clays). 

Set with its own enclosed shooting hut and dedicated area, the Sporttrap layout provides you with an all weather option to add to your visit. With 5 stands and 5 to 6 targets, that are changed regularly and buttoned individually, you can be sure that there are plenty of options to shoot. Whether you are practicing for your next competition, either as an individual or as a group, or wish to start shooting a new discipline, the well thought out layouts will provide you with the challenge and practice to push yourself.

Skeet (ESK). £7.50 per round (25 clays).

With two dedicated Skeet layouts, both set to CPSA regulations, we can cater for groups wishing to shoot Skeet as practice, for fun or as a friendly competition. Both layouts are run off individual remote systems, so no more cables trailing behind your group. One of our layouts has a dedicated microphone system that can be used in conjunction with the remote unit to give you the option of shooting on your own without having to rely on someone buttoning for you.

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT).
£7.50 per round (25 clays). 

Our ABT layout is set to CPSA regulations. With the large dedicated ABT area, you can be sure that the targets you see will be the same as those in any competition, whether it be the speed of the target to the angles and height thrown. Operated by use of a Voice control system, you can be sure that there are no delays from your call to the target being released, as well as being able to shoot on your own or as part of a group. There is the also the option of button release for those wishing to use the ABT layout for teaching purposes.

Down The Line (DTL).
£7.50 per round (25 clays).

Our CPSA regulation DTL layout will provide you with the confidence that the targets you are using to practice are the same as those you will see in any DTL competition. Running on both voice control and button release, the dedicated DTL layout can be used both as a group or as an individual wishing to shoot on their own. With the option of the button release you can use the DTL layout for teaching with the knowledge that the target will only present itself when you ready.

Game Arena. At only 30 pence per target.

Our game arena, which is set in its own location and shot from a Grouse Butt, allowing you to practice in complete safety. The area is always set to enable you to use the grouse butt to its full extent, shooting 360 degrees within the area. Access to the game arena is through a large gate, which is shut behind you, ensuring that nobody enters the area without your knowledge and for both your and other shooters safety. All of our traps in the game arena are individually controlled off one remote unit, allowing you to pick and choose your targets, with 5 to 6 targets being set that are changed regularly, you can be assured the targets represent a good variety of game style targets, from grouse through to high pheasant, both driven and crossing, to give you an authentic experience to practice your game techniques on. In addition to this, if you wish to have game specific instruction, our head coach John Lee can be booked to help you prepare/improve, both pre season and during game the season. In addition to the game arena, we also have a dedicated driven stand, with different target sizes and heights allowing a further approach to preparing for the season as well as keeping your technique during the off season.